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A Deal for Everyone, A Deal Not to be Missed!!
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Most Popular Lesson - "Fun-2-Skate Programme"
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Welcome to Inline Culture - "A Great Way To Skate"
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Storewide (All Items) - GSS cum National Day Celebration !!!

Never miss out our great deals, where you get everything that you need in a bundle and enjoy a great deal of saving from your very first purchase.

There are also lots of other goodies to add on such as scooter of 200mm wheels, roller shoes, balance bikes, Valo Mini / Maxi Scooter and many more.

(Terms & Condition apply). Do Hurry down with your family and friends while stock last.


Holiday Programme - Hurry and book in for our December Holiday Programme 2014

Sign up for our Popular Holiday Programme December 2014.

Dates: 17th Nov to 17th Dec 2014, every Mon to Wed
Day/Time: Mon to Wed, 9am to 12pm
Venue: East Coast Park Area C3
Students with Skates of their own enjoy the following

- $102.00 (Early Bird, till 2nd Nov 2014, Sunday)
- $150.00 (After promotion period)

* Click Here for School Holiday and terms for 2014

Rollerblad Product Highlights - Fitness Performance

Rollerblade® Performance skates implement high-end specs and technologies to add diversity and intensity to the skating experience. Lower cuffs, anatomical shells, larger wheels and revolutionary frames all combine to enhance, speed, articulation and forward flex for optimal performance. The fit, new wheels and GT frames are just some of the features to surely keep any fitness enthusiasts satisfied

This range is a must have for those looking at a sports for off season or cross training in replacement of their cycling or running marathon.
To view our full range, please feel free to visit our main East Coast Outlet (Tel:6344 5522) for a professional fitting.

Click on model to see a bigger image. .

Spark 84 Men

Spark 84 Women

Igniter 90 Men Igniter 90 Women

Spark 84 Men
RRP: $369.00

Spark 84 Women
RRP: $369.00

Igniter XT Men
RRP: $549.00

Igniter XTW Women
RRP: $549.00


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Inline Culture - "A Great Way To Skate"


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