National Runway Cycling and Skating 2009!

As a total newbie to skating, I was a bit apprehensive about going for the annual National Runway Cycling/skating event at Paya Lebar Airbase. There would be the usual “pro” people from Inline Culture and many other great skaters from the public. However, after going for the event, I must say that I definitely had lots of fun and it was a cool first-time experience!

Paya Lebar Airbase was huge and I was kind of intimidated by the area that I had to cover on my skates as I am still not that good a skater yet. My worries were unfounded though, as the weather was sunny but still breezy, excellent conditions for a day of outdoor fun. The best thing was, the runway ground was extremely smooth and wide, no worries about bumpy ground and crashing into people for a beginner like me! In addition, there were 3 routes of different distances, namely 3km, 15km and 30km endurance routes for more experienced skaters and cyclists. Hence, the runway event catered to all ages and expertise.

In light of the h1n1 pandemic that has been spreading through our little island, we have to exercise in order to keep our immune systems high and keep away the flu virus! To me, the runway show was an excellent opportunity for a good workout that I can enjoy along with my friends and family. I can’t wait for next year’s runway event! PERHAPS I can venture out of my comfort zone and attempt the longer routes this time. Meanwhile, I better brush up on my skating.....

Here are the pictures! Enjoy!