Need For Speed @ Singapore Expo

I’ve always known that attending skating events is great fun. But what I never knew is that it could be this… comfortable! In all honesty, I really love looking at skaters whizz by each other competitively on their inline skates, but sometimes the glaring sun is too much to bear! Especially in the early afternoon, the unbearable heat takes a little zest out of the whole event. This is one of the main reasons why I was so blown away by Need for Speed @ Expo. The entire event was held in the Singapore Expo, exhibition hall 5 coupled with plenty of action, adrenaline and hmm, air-conditioning!

The real action started with the Under-12 category. They are so fast and full of energy that it awes and scares me at the same time! It is so inspiring. If I ever have a kid, I’ll put him or her on skates once they learn how to walk. True story.

After that, the Under-18 and open categories followed. Although it’s fundamentally the same thing as a group of skaters struggle in wheels to get to the top, it’s never quite the same, watching tiny tots whizz past me, and then the competitive teens and lastly fully grown men… and once in a blue moon, women.

Well, all that was part of the speed skating competition. So for those who get a little giddy watching the speeding blurs, there were also other activities like the slides competition, inline floorball and of course, slalom. After all, what is a skating event without slalom right?

In short, it was an amusing affair. What was more amusing was the sight of certain individuals carrying 2 or more sets of prize. Honestly, aren’t they ever satisfied? I’m so going to start training hard so it will be me getting the prizes next time… instead of watching them be given away.

So that’s it for Need for Speed @ Expo. Do join us again the next time! And if you see someone carrying bags and bags of prizes, THAT WILL BE ME! = D