Let's Skate and Prawn @ Punggol Park!

If you are a skater who loves prawning, you’ve just missed a great opportunity to do it all in one evening. Always up for something new, we skated to prawn this September, and it all came together better than we expected!


Smooth roads, scenic views, and a cooling breeze. Skating from Hougang to Bishan ain’t as far as it sounds when you’re rolling with a bunch of fun loving and enthusiastic skaters from Inline Culture. We set off from Hougang Mall, skating along Punggol Park to our destination: Hai Bin at Bishan. The stretch along Punggol Park is a must-try for skaters - it feels almost as though you’re no longer in Singapore. The forested area, with its greenery, fresh air and cool breeze, naturally calms you down as you sail along with minimal effort (thanks to the smooth ground and downslopes). Upon reaching Hai Bin, all of us hastily headed over to Popeyes to fill our stomachs with fried chicken goodness before starting our endeavour to capture the eight legged crustaceans.


It was refreshing to chill by the pond waiting for a bite while adrenaline recedes from your body after a good long skate. Even though most of us had no experience prawning, the night ended at Hai Bin at Bishan with much laughter, fun and a small (but satisfying) bag of prawns!